Monday, January 08, 2007

Tai Chi Classes @ EARTHTONES & Random Ding Daddles Part 2

Here's a pic of the Tai Chi mats outside the store. Andre, being the brilliant scripter that he is plugged in a 2L/10minute camper script into the Tai Chi Mats from House of Zen so that was cool. Traffic was once a big deal for potential shoppers but I don't really care about it. My friend once said the Campers are evil and yea they kind of are. Especially the types when people are just sitting around upside down or something. -- Well, I love Tai Chi in RL and so I was psyched to find Tai Chi Mats in SL and definately wanted to share it with everyone else. Lindens as an incentive! When you try to mimic the Tai Chi poses its not the same as following an RL instructor but its a nifty impression all in all.

I've been a little wavy this past week especially this weekend but I've managed to be semi-productive. Finished some roman numeral and zodiac earrings and Grazia bracelets to boot. During one of the update down times Andre and I were able to fill up the new vendors he scripted. They're button activated, but we decided we don't like the sound of "button" or "press/click". So we've replaced button with "Node" and press/click with simply "Choose".

Besides that, everything is pretty random . . .

MONDAYS are now Gift Certificate Raffle Day. Where a 300L Store Certificate is raffled to all the members. Tell your friends! You can't win if you re not part of the group!

FRIDAYS are now the release dates for new products.

Also credits to all my ads will be posted on this blog (hair, clothes, skin etc.). If I haven't got around to making credits information on any of my visual ads I will be more than happy to supply the list of stores.

The hair for the models are mostly ETD and some HCT.

Skins are from NAUGHTY Designs, NORA and Canimal.

Clothes mostly from Dazzle, Nyte N'Day and Pixeldolls.

Hm, that's about it. Anything important I'll blog gradually!