Friday, May 23, 2008

EARTHTONES recommends!
places to explore and relax
joan & celistia

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I was asked to set up shop at an island sim called Celistia by the lovely Laetitia Vella and usually I avoid store rentals like the plague but as soon as I saw Joan Monstre's work I fell in-love. I also saw it as a nice opporunity to set out a few beach inspired jewelry sets I've been brewing up. So it was a match made in heaven.

Celisita is having an opening party tomorrow Saturday, May 24th 3-8 PM SLT. A romantic get away or a place to relax on the beach without visual clutter. Check it out! Also makes a nice place for artistic or personal photography. If you need a quality Tiki or a unique Palm Tree Joan can provide you those as well.

Visit Celistia!

NEW Release!
Kau'i, tempered metal discs
Jewelry Sets

"Kau'i", meaning youthful beauty in Hawaiian is the name of our new tropical inspired set. Tempered metal discs delicately arranged with a play of shadows. Lovingly designed by Lucas Lameth.

visual credits: kau'i green: hair by etd, blouse from tres blah, skin by ROSEMAR, eyes by fashionably dead, pose by reel expression kau'i red: hair by etd, skin by Lovey Boutique, eyes by fashionably dead, blouse by Armidi Gisaci, pose by reel expression

Thursday, May 15, 2008

NEW! The Awakening Jewelry Sets

Signature wood with sculpted flower focus. Lovingly designed by Lucas Lameth.

Journey Jewelry Sets
(refreshed and revised)


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The pendants are enlarged to be more visible and the prim count slashed in half. As well as textures refreshed. -- Free Updates! If you already own this piece and would like a newer version simply send me your old piece for a swap.

EARTHTONES boutique, Muse (80, 165, 22)

ad visual credits: the awakening: skin by Fleur (formerly known as Tete a Pied), hair by ETD, dress by Rosemary Galbraith, Pose by Reel Expression, bangles by EARTHTONES. journey sets: skin by Alaska Metropolitan "Another Fundraiser" (discontinued), hair by ETD, clothes by Tres Blah, Pose by Reel Expression.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day from EARTHTONES

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NEW Update Group!
Without taking up your SL 25 Group Slots

I have been looking forward to switching to an Update Group which does not require the Second Life Group Slots but have been a little taken aback by previous price ranges of certain programs. However, hippoGROUPS has conveniently come up with an Update Group System that is extremely cost effective. In fact, I urge everyone to really read about the system.

Our Second Life "EARTHTONES boutique Update Group" will still be in use until June 1st and will be obsolete after that. Please join our new members group at the Main Store by touching a sign that should look similar to this:

Any FREE gifts, group discounts, special events and weekly Gift Certificate hand-outs will only be sent out to the new update group. If you are already a member of the new update group and also a member of our old one please feel free to leave the old one at any time. Cheers!

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This weeks winner is Emmanuelle LaFollette !

The New Grazia Jewelry Sets

Seperate and distinctive Gold & Silver Collections

EARTHTONES boutique, Muse (80, 165, 22)

( )

EARTHTONES by Lucas Lameth, established September 2006

visual credits: All Skin by Alaska Metropolitan "Another Skin Fundraiser" (discontinued), Clothes by Armidi, Hair by ETD, Pose #1 by Poseur Pose # 2 by Reel Expression

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

4 New Kamoana Shell Colours
Paua Shell Jewelry Refreshed and Revised

EARTHTONES boutique, Muse (80, 165, 22)

Friday, May 02, 2008

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Fashion Lookbook
by Manna Rosewood

Using Kamoana Shell Jewelry Sets as Inspiration for Outfits
Formal, Beachwear and Casual

A lot of times it can be rather confusing matching up eccentric jewelry with the right outfit. Some people may wear jewelry habitually like a pair of shoes or a comfortable hairstyle but jewelry, like all your accessories, make up real flavor to an outfit. So here are a few looks today using EARTHTONES new Kamoana shell jewelry set as inspiration.

Look #1 Formal - The visual ad for Kamoana sets features this gorgeous dress by Casa del Shai. Its sold as a "bridal dress" but my first thought after looking at the design is "couture gown". I love its simplicity and the way it wraps around your body like a beach dress. The bosom is embraced with a petal shape that can be accentuated even more by removing the shoulder puffs. Of course my vote is to keep the puffs. I always like mermaid style dresses because they show off a woman's figure in a very classic way. The dress comes in white but I tinted all its parts a very subtle pink. The skin is from Lovey Darlings 'Lovey's Boutique' in Peach, bonbon. Lovey's skins are rich and succulent and very wholesome in appearance. Sassy on cute younger shapes but maintaining elegance on my shape as well. I'm very glad this subtle makeup matched my sculpted orchid from Ashira Legien. Which was originally an earring but I enlarged it donning it as a hair piece. The set of earrings are touch-texture change so you get a multitude of options. The hair is Loraine from ETD and I love how elegant and exotic this style is. If all let loose I imagine it would be long and luscious strands. I edited the front a little to give me more of that white shine as I was going for a more mature look. Kamoana set in white shell really bring out this outfit to its full potential. You could wear diamonds or pearls but these shells will truly bring out a tropical beauty.

Look #2 Beach - Also from Casa del Shai, this Sea Shell Mailot Dress was a match made in heaven for the new jewelry sets. Its obvious shell theme along with hints of gold really work well with the jewelry and vice-versa. I love how the dress can be an optional swimsuit. I also found these adorable wedge heels at Rave Nation. They are simple and straight to the point and absolutely comfortable looking. You can slip them right off and jump into the water. The skin is also from Lovey's Boutique, which is chai in kiwi makeup. As green is one of my primary colors I have found this skin and makeup combo always at the tip of my selection. The beautiful beachy and casual hair is Lindsay from Frangipani. I was also ecstatic to play with Reel Expressions new window pose set. I must own half of Luth Brodies poses and I must say I am addicted. Reel Expressions poses are never linear.

Look #3 Casual - Seashells never have to be just for the beach. This outfit really focuses on your accessories. I paired our Violet Paua Kamoana necklace with a Gisaci Porta Corsico purse, Quintet bangles in black and Vidalia Pumps in Metallic Noir. I love this simple purse with a bamboo handle and thankfully its modify so you can shrink it (or enlarge it) to your style needs. These simple bangles accent the outfit further without taking any attention away from your true focus (your purple accents). The shoes I couldn't resist. The open toes give a relaxed feel without sacrificing absolute elegance. The outfit of layered black and white tank and jeans are from Tres Blah. Very simple and chic quality. The skin/makeup is from Total Betty from Another Fundraiser which is discontinued. Its one of my favorite skins to wear with very simple makeup that is absolutely versatile with your accessories or outfit. The hair is a pullback from ETD called Gwen. A fun and elegant hairstyle that really compliments the casual clothes and the elegant accessories.

Well, that's it for today. Hope you enjoyed this lookbook!