Wednesday, February 28, 2007

NEW Organique Collection
First Wave, Set Two

How's your latte?

We are still visiting the New York boutiques

with alot of European influence and flair.

On the previous release batch we recieved

three delicate designs to start off our organique collection

and today three more join the array of fine-crafted fashion flavour.

A set regal for a royal formal or simply the finishing touch to impress. The necklace resonates small dual colour crystals while the pendants shaped like a promised star. Matching rose disc earrings especially made to neutralize the bold necklace. Snatching a pair of Celsia earrings from a Gloria Set and combining with an Angela Necklace is ideal for a complete royal look.

Capturing the essence of the stars and the universe Solaria has feint impressions of cosmic rings and stars set in a bold a goldust pendant with a unique chain that closes with an "s" clasp. The matching disc earrings create a balance with the long necklace design. Solaria is for the daring and stylish looking for luxury out of this world.

The berry bauble that's fun and quirky without sacrifcing elegance and sophistication. The necklace and each earring is all individually positioned for difference in design; as if you went into the grove and donned a collection of gold cast, murano glass seasonal grapes.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Survey Offer
Will be discontinued
Friday, February 23rd
Thanks to everyone who participated!
Your information will help me understand
what YOU are looking for and create
we both love!
If you haven't filled out a Store Survey!
There's a 300L Gift Certificate with your name on it!
All you have to do is fill out a Survey
and you get free accessories in return!
Please submit in time,
any Surveys recieved after Friday
will not be valid for the Gift Certificate offer.
(Ok, fine... If you submit a day late, its ok!)

NEW! organique jewelry collection

As I mentioned I will be focusing on World Jewelry Designs and releasing bundles instead ofannouncing piece by piece. This month's first stop is NEW YORK CITY.

My home and my major influence here is a collection of understated yet bold and elegant jewelry designs with soft hunble colours set in a quartz crystal.

With the popularity of Journey Sets this Valentines Day here is a dual colour set for four times the colour combination option.

All the designs are neutral, made for forma or casual wear.

Offered is fully scripted Sets with over 390 Colour Combination versions

or designer pre-coloured versions for a easier accessible value.

I am proud and honoured to present these sets to you and I hope you all truly enjoy them.

Please,by all means... try on a DEMO.


~Luc, EARTHTONES boutique

[Additional Visuals for this blog pending]
Credits: Skin featured is NAUGHTY designs.

EARTHTONES boutique Markdown

Making way for new products and previous designs will gradually be discontinued or undergo upgrades. Here is a list of sale prices.

Journey Drop, Curl and Round Sets
Was $429, Now $349

Journey Heart Set
Was $399, Now $299

Mon Coeur Victorian Hearts Set
Was $379, Now $279

Gaea's Teardrop Earrings
Was $149, Now $119

Antique Oval Bracelets
Was $199, Now $100

Lady's Hoop Earrings
Was $129, Now $100

Grazia, Necklace & Earrings Set
Was $399, Now $299

Original Sin Snake Necklace
Was $199, Now $100

Symphony Pendant & Dragonfly Earrings
Was $199, Now $100

There is no date stamp on when some of these pieces will be taken down. Please visit this blog forupdates when a specific piece will be schedule to discontinuation or upgrade. Thanks!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I wanted to make long necklaces for the longest. This was a simple design I whipped up to get my mind clear of Journey diamonds for a while (I'm really still on a designing break).

Credits: Model to the left: Skin is by NORA, Hair is Flapper by ETD, sweater is "elka" by CANIMAL, eyes is FNKY, Model to the right: Skin is Fevrier Dark in "Cocktail" by Tete a Pied, Hair is Flapper by ETD, blouse is Casa del Shai, eyes is FNKY

Monday, February 12, 2007

Whats next @ EARTHTONES boutique . . .

World Designs, Spiritual Collection and Men's Accessories

I've just finished the batch of my major projects for Valentines Day and I'm going to take a break from designing and releasing products. I figured, if there were any other season for a Jewelry store to shine it would be Valentines. So I hope you all like it!

From now on I will be releasing collections instead of piece by piece. My next projects will be focusing on World designs and Spiritualism. When I first started EARTHTONES it was my original intention to release ethnic accessories and tokens of spirituality like Buddha designs. I will also be releasing mens accessories. The main reason I have been designing womens jewelry more than mens is because they are more fun! I can add more flair than I would on a mens piece. With mens jewelry, the universal rule is "always stay simple", nothing too complicated. It's about time I take a crack at maybe making things for myself and seeing if it catches on with the fellas.

So thanks everyone! Happy Valentines Day to you all!! I'll see everyone soon.

Much Love,
luc @ EARTHTONES boutique

Credits: Skin by NAUGHTY designs, Hair is Pullback, Couture Collection by ETD, Dress and Henna tattoo by CANIMAL, pose by Reel Movement
Journey Diamonds
Necklace & Earrings Sets

Here are the JOURNEY Sets visual. Each set ofcourse comes in Silver and Gold and gems change colour using "All Gems" Scripts. I wanted to make something this season that would be timeless and neutral to elegant and casual wear. So here you go! What better way to make them timeless than to have them be any colour to match literally everything in your wardrobe? Enjoy!

Credits: Skin by NAUGHTY designs, All hair from ETD, black and white dresses from CANIMAL, Sophisticate Gown in Merlot by BLAZE, poses by Reel Movement

Monday, February 05, 2007

Vintage Victorian Hearts Set
Heart Key Earrings & mon coeur pendant

Updated the visuals for Mon Coeur Sets. It comes in Gold, Silver and Gunmetal black and each comes in Scarlet, Twilight Blue and Divine Diamonds. Featured is each metal type with each gem available.

Credits: Skin by NAUGHTY designs, Hair is Chignon, Couture Collection by ETD, dress is Flora by MIRIEL, poses by Reel Movement