Monday, February 19, 2007

EARTHTONES boutique Markdown

Making way for new products and previous designs will gradually be discontinued or undergo upgrades. Here is a list of sale prices.

Journey Drop, Curl and Round Sets
Was $429, Now $349

Journey Heart Set
Was $399, Now $299

Mon Coeur Victorian Hearts Set
Was $379, Now $279

Gaea's Teardrop Earrings
Was $149, Now $119

Antique Oval Bracelets
Was $199, Now $100

Lady's Hoop Earrings
Was $129, Now $100

Grazia, Necklace & Earrings Set
Was $399, Now $299

Original Sin Snake Necklace
Was $199, Now $100

Symphony Pendant & Dragonfly Earrings
Was $199, Now $100

There is no date stamp on when some of these pieces will be taken down. Please visit this blog forupdates when a specific piece will be schedule to discontinuation or upgrade. Thanks!

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