Monday, May 21, 2007

Zodiac Jewelry

As time goes by my expectations of
personal quality and style grow and grow!
This week I present to you
EARTHTONES Zodiac Jewelry
revised with a more natural feel
and Male versions, too!
There are two versions of ROUND or TAG (with birthstone) pendants
available for both men and women.
The womens versions both include matching earrings!
Each Zodiac Pack contains a very subtle gold and silver finish.

DEMOs are available for both pendant styles/sets.

Below is a preview of the Visuals you will find at the shop:

I included a little bit of Zodiac information on the Visuals
because I enjoy the empowering
characteristics of each sign
and wanted to share!
Many thanks
and much love to you all!
~ Lucas Lameth ~
-[EARTHTONES boutique]-

Credits: On Lucas: Sheer Tunic by Last Call, Hair and Skin by ND, pose by Last Stand. Eyes by FNKY On Manna: Hair by ETD, Skin by TaP, Tube top and lace shirt by Relika, Pose by Reel Movement, Eyes by FNKY

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Clover Clouds
Jewelry Sets

These modern clovers are fashionably late for St.Patricks Day
but just in time for mid Spring!
Take them as Clover, Clouds or Flowers from a field!
This set is witty as it is comfortable.
The necklace plays a lovely dangle design
with matching earrings that look faintly of a raincloud
showering droplets of clovers.
The bracelet echoes the essence of the sets simple design
while the bold highlight of the boho chic ring really speaks out loud.
It's like a blossom on your finger waiting to be shown off.

Wait no longer, visit

EARTHTONES boutique,
Dos Corazones (11, 138, 28)

and try them on for yourself with
in-store DEMOs!
Claire, Ballet Collection by MUSE

If you have not discovered already,
Caliah Lyon has yet again graced us with a beautiful jewelry set.
The fleeting grace of nimble wind dancers
captured in a set of ballet slippers.
The intricate details of the subtle bow
and square-cut diamonds all perfectly created in a surreal balance.
However you relate to Ballerinas
this piece will take your breath away
and is definately a set missing from your jewelry collection
if you shamefully
don't already own it for yourself.
You may discover this set for yourself at

EARTHTONES boutique Main Store,
Dos Corazones (11, 138, 28)
MUSE Main Store,
Linji (143, 152, 49)

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Precious Memories Locket

A beautiful locket detailed with a loving touch!

Perfect Gift for this seasons approaching Mothers Day

and the every day occassions that drift our way

through out the coming year.

An EARTHTONES Heirloom locket is

the perfect way to capture those unforgettable moments.

Heirloom is availbale in

Gold, Silver or Black Metal

and in colour/combinations of

Orchid, Scarlet, Starry,

Spring/Gold, Sienna/Silver, Forest/Black


190 combination multicolour sets


FREE LOCKET Promotional! Now until May 14th*


Recieve a Free Custom Colour Locket of your choice

when you purcahse any two Multicolour Sets.

It's the perfect way to treat yourself and a loved one!

Or simply double the rewards for yourself!

*This offer is only valid to sales of Multicolour Sets after this announcement. Only applicable to a single Custom Colour piece and not redeemable for a Multicolour locket. If you have purchased two Multicolours Sets in the store and would a free locket, please IM me with your choice of color and metal and I will send it to you as soon as I surface in-world.


Credits: Heirloom AD: To the right, Manna: Aveda Hair by ETD, Enigma Salmon Skin by TaP, Blouse by Tres Blah, Smile by Paisley Emote HUD Aradia: Skin by ?, Blouse bu CANIMAL. To the left, Manna: Hair is Chignon by ETD, Skin by TaP, Dress is Alexandra by Last Call, Stephen: Skin by FNKY, Hair by NAUGHTY Designs, Suit Tux by BLAZE. Dance animation by Bits and Bobs.

Credits: Heirloom Backdrop: Hair is Aveda Collection by ETD, Enigma Salmon Skin by TaP, Blouse & Belt by Tres Blah, "Manna" Capris by Savvy?, Pose by Reel Movement.

A very special thank you to Caliah Lyon and Gabriel Watanabe

for helping this piece come to life!