Sunday, May 13, 2007

Clover Clouds
Jewelry Sets

These modern clovers are fashionably late for St.Patricks Day
but just in time for mid Spring!
Take them as Clover, Clouds or Flowers from a field!
This set is witty as it is comfortable.
The necklace plays a lovely dangle design
with matching earrings that look faintly of a raincloud
showering droplets of clovers.
The bracelet echoes the essence of the sets simple design
while the bold highlight of the boho chic ring really speaks out loud.
It's like a blossom on your finger waiting to be shown off.

Wait no longer, visit

EARTHTONES boutique,
Dos Corazones (11, 138, 28)

and try them on for yourself with
in-store DEMOs!

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