Friday, October 31, 2008


IM me today on Halloween to receive your treat
from (luc) Fashion Jewelry boutique!

Have a Happy & Safe Holiday!

~ Lucas Lameth

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lucas Lameth (luc) Fashion Jewelry
Mala Meditation Beads - Preview
General Tidbits

Today I started a Mala Buddhist Meditation Necklace for men since I made that promise to dedicate atleast one set for men every release. -- However I noticed a lot of women buy my mens jewelry for themselves so I may or may not take the time to make womens sizes from now on. It depends on how many women harass me. Ideally Id like to make exclusive jewelry for men because lets face it, content just for men in Second Life is still neglected. But then I thought if a woman would shop irl for a piece of jewelry they would wear it too (Rosaries, Meditation Beads) regardless if it were marketed to men. I dont know, we'll see. But this is what the Mala Beads look like so far. I re-used to black pearl texture for an onyx look and Im in the middle of making a malachite texture and then some.

Earlier in the day Siyu Suen made a conference message about Nyx Linden opening up his office time for content creators to talk to him about things theyd like to see in the near future for Second Lifes content making posibilites. The conversation as expected was a bit technical and I tried to keep up as much as I could. I was proud to understand most of the lingo meaning Ive earned a geek badge somewhere. Caliah kept me sane with fashion talk for the hour though.

A nice girl customer messaged me today about my discontinued Heirloom Locket which is currently under update and she asked if Flora Set was a locket. Its a good idea to make Flora a locket so I'll add that to my to-do-list for sure and also re-release Heirloom Locket.

Out of the blue I asked my friend Sylar to make me a skybox since he showed me his new loft house last week and I loved it. He made me a smaller variation of his larger loft and its the most perfect workspace. I have just enough room to make jewelry, check out my project board, take some snapshots, have my close friends over, relax when Im browsing the web or just to afk leaving SL on. I love it!

Ok, that's all. Catch you all later!

Visual Credits: Shirt by Aitui, Pose by FORM. For the rest of the credits check my other entries. ;P Im tired.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lucas Lameth (luc) Fashion Jewelry
Poseidon Pearls - Preview 2

(click to enalrge)

Here are more previews for the cluster pearls I now call Poseidon Pearls. All of my jewelry names are feminine but this set begged to be named after the God of the Sea. A gift from the water deity himself. I spent the better part of my work day making a seamless black pearl texture and applying it prim by prim onto the necklace. I hope you like it.

Whenever I passionately talk about large statement jewelry my lover once said, "What do you even wear with that?". I thought for a moment and realized that perhaps people may have trouble visualizing an outfit with my jewelry, too. So I took the time to do some head to toe styling with these visuals just for you to get an idea what I would personally recommend as a jeweler and a stylist. After staring at the same jewelry sets all day in prims and textures in Photoshop my mind gets weary so doing a little style post here was relaxing. Tata! We'll keep in touch. Thoughts? Leave a comment. ^_^

Visual Credits: Poseidon Pearls Black: Hair by ETD, Skin by Eloh Eliot (free full perms), Outfit by Armidi/Gisaci, Shoes by Shiny Things, Poses by Reel Expression. Poseidon Pearls White: Hair by ETD, Skin by Caliah Lyon (Another Fundraiser, discontinued), Outfit by Armidi/Gisaci, Shoes by Shiny Things, Poses by Reel Expression. All Jewelry by Lucas Lameth (luc) Fashion Jewelry.

(luc) Fashion Jewelry Model - Manna Rosewood

Monday, October 27, 2008

Friday Release Preview

Cluster Pearl - I wanted to stay away from traditional pearl designs and do a large faux pearl statement set. I'm still brewing pearl color combinations. I know I want to use subtle gold and pink pearls but I'm not sure yet. This set may come out this Friday or the next. In my original sketch the pearl drop went close to the belly button but I decided to align it closer to the collarbone instead. I'm not sure if I should still execute my extra long original design since Nala Set (below) is already so long. If I were to make the longer Cluster Pearl necklace it would be a generous U-Shape around the start of the cleavage and as I mentioned it would drop mid torso. Let me know what you think. ^^

Nala, Long Ethnic Necklace - I dreamed of this necklace before I designed and made it. It's fun, it's frilly but it's still elegant and high fashion. I was stumped on the texture to make for it then my partner Tag advised "bright shiny colored metals" and I agreed. I may want to play with textures and make pure wood variation but we'll see how it works out. I hope you love it! We'll keep in touch. ^.~

Do you love our collections? Join our Mailing List by touching the kiosk at the main boutique (You cant miss it) without using up one of your Second Life Group Slots. Ciao lovelies!

Visual Credits: Pearl Cluster: Hair by ETD, Skin by Eloh Eliot (free full perm skins), Outfit by Ivalde, Pose by Reel Expression. Nala: Hair by Maitreya, Skin by Eloh Eliot, Outfit by MichaMi, Pose by Reel Expression. All Jewelry by Lucas Lameth (luc) Fashion Jewelry.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Mens PEACE Necklace
with matching Ring

I made a promise to myself to atleast work on one mens set per bi-weekly release. I think its important to design mens jewelry I would actually love to wear all the time and this is true for this set. I wanted to design a non-cliche Peace necklace. I think I was thinking too much Justin Timberlake songs when I made this because the songs "Sexy Back" and Black Eyed Peas collab "Where Is The Love?" kept popping up in my head. Anyway, enjoy fellows! Click the links for the YouTube Videos. ;P

Visual Credits: Hair by Happy Dispatch, Skin by Laqroki, Undershirt & Tattoo by Aitui, Pants by Novocaine, Pose by Reel Expression
choker, earrings and bangle bracelets

This simple set resonates a subtle drama. African influences with an edge. The simple rings create balance and hypnotism to your adorers. Here is an ethnic statement piece without being too loud. Kahto Set comes in four precious stones of Moonstone, Tigers Eye, Turquoise and Red Goldstone. Touch the necklace and earrings to scroll through three distinctive metals of Yellow Gold, Antique Silver and Black Metal with hints of Gold.

DEMO's available so you can take your time and try before any purchase.

Visual Credits: Hair by Maitreya, Skin by Eloh Eliot (free full permisions), White Tube Top by A.Y.Y, Black Tube Dress by Maitreya/ M*A*ii*K*I, Poses by Reel Expression

Rebirth Set

ethnic pendant & earrings

This beautiful ethnic pendant with matching earrings is gorgeous detailed set with an Asian, Egyptian or Native American feel. Its intricate design feels like an elegant embrace or a legendary bird. It's a great addition to your jewelry collection and I hope you enjoy it! Rebirth Set comes in four precious stones of Moonstone, Tigers Eye, Turquoise and Red Goldstone. Touch the necklace and earrings to scroll through three distinctive metals of Yellow Gold, Antique Silver and Black Metal with hints of Gold.

DEMO's available so you can take your time and try before any purchase.

Visual Credits: Head Dress by Ce Cubic Effect, Hair is Vivanne by ETD (heavily edited), Skin by Eloh Eliot (free full permissions skins), Clothes by Celestial Studios, Pose by Reel Expression

Wednesday, October 22, 2008



As a guy avatar its hard to find a personal everyday look I just love. I've been wearing Laqroki - Ethan skin for a very long time now since I was so happy I found a "pretty boy" Asian/Pacific Islander like skin. I've also been wearing Happy Dispatch - Nekoge hair for a while. But alas its finally time for a change! Caliah Lyon told me about a new skin store she found called SUBARU and I checked it out and fell in-love with Subaru - Kyle skin. It's a little paler than my normal preference but the skin is so beautiful and attractive It was completely irresistable. Also I'm changing my every day "main" hair to Novocaine - Edward since it works so well with my new skin.

Just wanted to share. ^_^ Ciao!

Kahto-Africa Choker Set
for friday 10.24.08 release

( Click to enlarge )

I've been under the weather and I had to make a quick ad for GLAM Magazine. A cup of coffee as my best friend and a "less is more" artistic mindset this is what I was able to come up with. A very simple ad where the jewelry is complete prominence. I showed this very simple set to two ladies I highly respect and adore and they both said "Wow". So I guess Kahto is a winner for today. This set is influenced by Korto (pronounced "Kahto") from Project Runway Season 5.
Check out her amazing African influenced fashion line here: KORTO.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mens PEACE Necklace
for friday release 10.24

Friday, October 17, 2008

Rebirth Jewelry Set
coming soon

Here's a sneak peak at what I'm currently working on. I couldn't help but have fun with the visuals as always. My partner Tag Mulligan convinced me to release bi-weekly instead of weekly in bulk instead of piece by piece like I usually do. I groaned and moaned but decided it was a good idea. So in order to feed my weekly itch I'm doing these teaser ads highlighting some of the detail or my current work both brewing and on the shelves.

I wanted to reserve being more chatty about my pieces on the new blog ( which is currently for the most part empty at the moment. Tao Takashi is a busy man to get a hold of to register for the fashion planet feed. Good thing my dear friend Catero enlightened to a new feed by Carissa Crimson which continues the same dedication Tao has in mind with a progressive Fashion Feed but now with an easier on-web sign-up. Also, there is content control which seems nice. Both feeds are ofcourse best to keep up with for your daily Second Life fashion scoop.

As for the new pieces, scheduled to be released next Friday, they may be a jungle when it comes to variety. I had originally intended on making a collection called "Rebirth" but now have decided to reserve that name for the set you see above. This set was inspired by a random trip a friend and I took to the Buddhist Temple at Chinatown, NYC. The gift shop near the entrance had a few random pieces in a showcase and I helped myself to purchasing a necklace I may be brave enough to wear myself as a male. The intricacy of the design inspired me to make this elaborate pendant and earrings. I call it "Rebirth" because of the Buddhist belief in reincarnation. I wanted to center the creation of this simple set as a symbolism on the recent transformation of my shop.

Photographs of the new boutique.
Come visit us!

I worked really hard on the build so I thought it deserved a little attention. I hope you drop by for a visit and try on some jewelry! I was so happy to find some nice wine, cheese and caviar so please help yourself. ^_^ Ciao!

Visual Credits: Skin by Lovey Darling, Hair by ETD, Blouse by Viva La Glam (discontinued), Pose by Reel Expression.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Five New Releases @ Lucas Lameth (luc) Fashion Jewelry

  • The New Louvelle, Elegant Choker & Earrings
  • Flora Disc Set, Necklace & Earrings
  • Athena, Swarovski Crystals - Double Strand Necklace, Earrings and Bracelets
  • Celest, Intricate Necklace & Earrings
  • New Men's Prayer Rosaries

Visual Credits: Louvelle: Hair by Maitreya, Skin by Fleur, Outfit by Last Call (discontinued), Pose by Reel Expression. Flora: Hair by ETD, Skin by M&R, Outfit by Pixeldolls, Gloves by Fleur, Pose by Reel Expression and Poseur. Athena: Hair by Frangipani, Outfit and Skin by Tuli, Pose by Reel Expression. Celest: Hair by Armidi, Skin by Caliah Lyon (discontinued), Outfit by MichaMi, Pose by Reel Expression. Prayer Rosary Mens: Skin by Abyss, Tattoo by Aitui, Pose by FORM.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

(luc) Opening Party Celebration Wrap-Up.

For Guests who did not register for the Gift Card please send me a notecard.

The opening party was a huge success! It was so refreshing to see so many new and familiar faces. The party lasted 2 1/2 hours but the fun lasted for much longer. Thanks to everyone who attended, I enjoyed all your company. Thanks to all the Seven staff for working with me through the party and thanks to Samara Barzane, Choice Sliter and my love Tag Mulligan helping me setup the new shop in just about two weeks. Now that the hard part is over it's all about the jewelry again. I'm a little late on my new release since I spent all night finding beautiful looks to present the jewelry. -- Also my Gift Card send outs are also late, which were supposed to be sent out at midnight SLT but it's 2:21 PM and I'm getting to it. I needed my 10 hours of beauty sleep in order to function and not be groggy. I have about 30 names registered from about a 45 attendee high with a lot of swappers coming in and out so it may be around 50+. Unfortunately I only have 30. If you were at the party and you didn't click my sign or know about it please send me a notecard in world with your name and saying that you attended the party so I can give your Gift Card. Thanks!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

(luc) Fashion Jewelry Opening Party Tonight!

Come celebrate with us at Seven, Ultra Lounge @ City of Palermo Sim.
All Guests will recieve a 100L Gift Card that may be used toward our new store.
Touch the sign with the Gift Card info to register your name.
All Gift Cards will be sent out tonight at midnight SLT.
Seven VIP Memebrs will be able to recieve an exclusive necklace
which may be received via gift box on the table.

Cheers! Hope to see you all there!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Seven, Ultra Lounge
exclusive necklace

Here is the Seven, Ultra Lounge exclusive necklace.
A Men & Womens version with gender variations.
The womens necklace is inlaid with crystals on the chain
and has a focal center diamond on the pendant.
The mens necklace has a simple chain,
a smaller pendant
and a more spread set of seven diamonds.
I hope you love it!

Seven is definately one of the hippest and trendiest places
to hang out at your Second Life
with a very vibrant and active team
and excellent DJs.
Grab a cocktail or a fancy beer in your 1st Life
and take a load off from a long day
by enjoying yourself at Seven!

Sign up to Seven VIP to recieve these necklaces
in celebration of Lucas Lameth brand opening!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Opening Party Celebration @ Seven, Ultra Lounge

WHEN: Wednesday, October 8th 2006 6 PM SLT

WHERE: Seven, Ultra Lounge @ City of Palermo (62, 131, 32)

The party celebrates the new jewelry brand Lucas Lameth also known as (luc) fashion jewelry. We will be saying goodbye to our former brand EARTHTONES boutique and starting anew. All attendees at the party will recieve a 100L Gift Card which may be used toward the new shop scheduled to open on the morning of October 8th SLT. Seven, Ultra Lounge VIP Members will recieve an exclusive set as well.

As for the new collection, it's not as timely. As other projects have required a lot of attention the collection may gradually be released. Expect versatile fashion jewelry to bold statement jewelry.

We look forward to seeing you at the party! Stay posted.