Wednesday, October 22, 2008



As a guy avatar its hard to find a personal everyday look I just love. I've been wearing Laqroki - Ethan skin for a very long time now since I was so happy I found a "pretty boy" Asian/Pacific Islander like skin. I've also been wearing Happy Dispatch - Nekoge hair for a while. But alas its finally time for a change! Caliah Lyon told me about a new skin store she found called SUBARU and I checked it out and fell in-love with Subaru - Kyle skin. It's a little paler than my normal preference but the skin is so beautiful and attractive It was completely irresistable. Also I'm changing my every day "main" hair to Novocaine - Edward since it works so well with my new skin.

Just wanted to share. ^_^ Ciao!



Nissa Nightfire said...

not that you need anyone's approval, but this is an awesome look for you!

Choice said...

Love the face, though it is moodier and more brooding than old Luc. Not so sure about that collar bone area. (And I miss your baby brown eyes.)

Lucas Lameth said...

Thanks Nissa ^^ and hi Choice! Yea it turned out a little broodier when I stare at it longer. My Laqroki skin/shape is a little happier and baby face and yea the collarbone is the part I dont like the most about this skin. I actually smudged it in PS before posting it on the blog because its worse inworld. xD But the face was so nice I forgave the collarbone.