Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lucas Lameth (luc) Fashion Jewelry
Poseidon Pearls - Preview 2

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Here are more previews for the cluster pearls I now call Poseidon Pearls. All of my jewelry names are feminine but this set begged to be named after the God of the Sea. A gift from the water deity himself. I spent the better part of my work day making a seamless black pearl texture and applying it prim by prim onto the necklace. I hope you like it.

Whenever I passionately talk about large statement jewelry my lover once said, "What do you even wear with that?". I thought for a moment and realized that perhaps people may have trouble visualizing an outfit with my jewelry, too. So I took the time to do some head to toe styling with these visuals just for you to get an idea what I would personally recommend as a jeweler and a stylist. After staring at the same jewelry sets all day in prims and textures in Photoshop my mind gets weary so doing a little style post here was relaxing. Tata! We'll keep in touch. Thoughts? Leave a comment. ^_^

Visual Credits: Poseidon Pearls Black: Hair by ETD, Skin by Eloh Eliot (free full perms), Outfit by Armidi/Gisaci, Shoes by Shiny Things, Poses by Reel Expression. Poseidon Pearls White: Hair by ETD, Skin by Caliah Lyon (Another Fundraiser, discontinued), Outfit by Armidi/Gisaci, Shoes by Shiny Things, Poses by Reel Expression. All Jewelry by Lucas Lameth (luc) Fashion Jewelry.

(luc) Fashion Jewelry Model - Manna Rosewood


Hethr said...

Pretty! I want it now!

SySy Chapman said...

Can't WAIT till they are out...so lovely :D