Friday, October 17, 2008

Rebirth Jewelry Set
coming soon

Here's a sneak peak at what I'm currently working on. I couldn't help but have fun with the visuals as always. My partner Tag Mulligan convinced me to release bi-weekly instead of weekly in bulk instead of piece by piece like I usually do. I groaned and moaned but decided it was a good idea. So in order to feed my weekly itch I'm doing these teaser ads highlighting some of the detail or my current work both brewing and on the shelves.

I wanted to reserve being more chatty about my pieces on the new blog ( which is currently for the most part empty at the moment. Tao Takashi is a busy man to get a hold of to register for the fashion planet feed. Good thing my dear friend Catero enlightened to a new feed by Carissa Crimson which continues the same dedication Tao has in mind with a progressive Fashion Feed but now with an easier on-web sign-up. Also, there is content control which seems nice. Both feeds are ofcourse best to keep up with for your daily Second Life fashion scoop.

As for the new pieces, scheduled to be released next Friday, they may be a jungle when it comes to variety. I had originally intended on making a collection called "Rebirth" but now have decided to reserve that name for the set you see above. This set was inspired by a random trip a friend and I took to the Buddhist Temple at Chinatown, NYC. The gift shop near the entrance had a few random pieces in a showcase and I helped myself to purchasing a necklace I may be brave enough to wear myself as a male. The intricacy of the design inspired me to make this elaborate pendant and earrings. I call it "Rebirth" because of the Buddhist belief in reincarnation. I wanted to center the creation of this simple set as a symbolism on the recent transformation of my shop.

Photographs of the new boutique.
Come visit us!

I worked really hard on the build so I thought it deserved a little attention. I hope you drop by for a visit and try on some jewelry! I was so happy to find some nice wine, cheese and caviar so please help yourself. ^_^ Ciao!

Visual Credits: Skin by Lovey Darling, Hair by ETD, Blouse by Viva La Glam (discontinued), Pose by Reel Expression.

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