Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lucas Lameth (luc) Fashion Jewelry
Mala Meditation Beads - Preview
General Tidbits

Today I started a Mala Buddhist Meditation Necklace for men since I made that promise to dedicate atleast one set for men every release. -- However I noticed a lot of women buy my mens jewelry for themselves so I may or may not take the time to make womens sizes from now on. It depends on how many women harass me. Ideally Id like to make exclusive jewelry for men because lets face it, content just for men in Second Life is still neglected. But then I thought if a woman would shop irl for a piece of jewelry they would wear it too (Rosaries, Meditation Beads) regardless if it were marketed to men. I dont know, we'll see. But this is what the Mala Beads look like so far. I re-used to black pearl texture for an onyx look and Im in the middle of making a malachite texture and then some.

Earlier in the day Siyu Suen made a conference message about Nyx Linden opening up his office time for content creators to talk to him about things theyd like to see in the near future for Second Lifes content making posibilites. The conversation as expected was a bit technical and I tried to keep up as much as I could. I was proud to understand most of the lingo meaning Ive earned a geek badge somewhere. Caliah kept me sane with fashion talk for the hour though.

A nice girl customer messaged me today about my discontinued Heirloom Locket which is currently under update and she asked if Flora Set was a locket. Its a good idea to make Flora a locket so I'll add that to my to-do-list for sure and also re-release Heirloom Locket.

Out of the blue I asked my friend Sylar to make me a skybox since he showed me his new loft house last week and I loved it. He made me a smaller variation of his larger loft and its the most perfect workspace. I have just enough room to make jewelry, check out my project board, take some snapshots, have my close friends over, relax when Im browsing the web or just to afk leaving SL on. I love it!

Ok, that's all. Catch you all later!

Visual Credits: Shirt by Aitui, Pose by FORM. For the rest of the credits check my other entries. ;P Im tired.

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