Friday, October 24, 2008

Rebirth Set

ethnic pendant & earrings

This beautiful ethnic pendant with matching earrings is gorgeous detailed set with an Asian, Egyptian or Native American feel. Its intricate design feels like an elegant embrace or a legendary bird. It's a great addition to your jewelry collection and I hope you enjoy it! Rebirth Set comes in four precious stones of Moonstone, Tigers Eye, Turquoise and Red Goldstone. Touch the necklace and earrings to scroll through three distinctive metals of Yellow Gold, Antique Silver and Black Metal with hints of Gold.

DEMO's available so you can take your time and try before any purchase.

Visual Credits: Head Dress by Ce Cubic Effect, Hair is Vivanne by ETD (heavily edited), Skin by Eloh Eliot (free full permissions skins), Clothes by Celestial Studios, Pose by Reel Expression


Yolanda (the callipygian chronicle) said...

Love it in the tiger's eye. And I love the model photo--sassy expression with the eyes and an awesome headwrap.

Yolanda (the callipygian chronicle) said...

Woops forgot to check my identity before leaving that comment =P