Thursday, December 28, 2006

Destiny, Heiress of Time
Necklace & Earrings Set

A real labor of love. Zayante, a lovely woman I've had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know had asked me for a custom piece. She presented me with Tiffany's 'Atlas' designs which were simple Roman number jewelry. I had never considered doing a custom piece, mostly because you have to tune yourself and your personal style accordingly to suit your clients taste. However, Zayante gave me full creative freedom and encouraged I create something with my style. I spent a good week tuning Destiny into a design I was pleased with. Simple, but not mundane. Elegant, but not extravagant. Making this piece was a real treat, and to many more!

I also had a blast making the visuals for Destiny that I am going back on my previous pieces and fine tuning the visual ads. -- Mostly because its one thing to see a piece of jewelry laid out, its another thing to see it worn and perhaps it is thrice importance to make sure those who are investing their lindens on my designs have a sense of my vision about each piece. Also of course featuring what kind of outfits I personally would encourage. I want to make jewelry that is so special and unique you want to find an outfit that matches an EARTHTONES accessory.

Credits: Skin by NORA, Hair by ETD, dress by Nyphetamine

Here is the new Eclipse Set visuals:

Credits: Skin by CANIMAL (discontinued), Hair by NAUGHTY designs, dress by Dazzle (discontinued)

Currently working on more visual ads and Destiny Bracelet and Ring.

Hum, attended the Luminosity Grand Opening @ Luminous Island and that was a treat. All the big designers gathered in the new shop and it was quite a busy party! Here's some snapshots...

Sol Columbia's new store! Gonna get lots of new outfits for Earthtones Models. yay! Congratulations Sol!

Me and my Froggy doing the Groovy thang y'all!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Recent Random Ding Daddles!

It's been a while since I blogged, but mostly because I've had some trouble logging in to the blogger. -- a lot's been going on.

The shoppe got mentioned in ASPIRE Magazine blog at so that was a real treat. I've visited ASPIRE modeling agency a few times and the build is impressive and grand! I was so impressed with the in world magazine itself I wanted to peak at the source. -- Previously, EARTHTONES was also mentioned at I've been keen on keeping track off the fashion scene. Not only does joining Fashion Emergency Group help but I've collected all the big fashion magazine vendors at the store...

... and read them at my leisure. Unfortunately, this means discovering fabulous designers like Shai Delacroix of Casa Del Shai and spending tons and tons of lindens. But its worth it! Every time I finish a major piece I buy myself a "happy present"! Those presents have been coming from Casa Del Shai recently . . . and I was treated to the new Naughty Skin and Hairstyle . . . and maybe also some Shiny Things and Barnes Boutique shoes. So Ive been buying a lot of presents for myself, its the holidays! ho! ho! ho!

Besides that, also invested in this 3k studio, gosh golly that was a wallet chunker! But I think its going to be useful. Once I learn how to use it that is. Im not very handy with hefty instructions. Im more of a "poke it 'till you figure it out" kind of guy, but most of the time that ends up in tragedies. Andre, my partner, also bought me Texture Organizers! What a life saver, I was going nuts with all my textures and saw the Organizer once. The time has come that such a gadget is 200% necesarry.

I'm currently working on a commission and It's going real well. I was given creative freedom so I'm having a lot of fun with it. I can't wait to release it but I'm going to take my time.

Oh, and I bumped into Cailyn Miller, one of my favourite jewelers, while I was around Barnes Boutique. She's real nice and sweet and looked so casual. Then I shared with her my addiction with Casa Del Shai, mwahahaha! Also bumped into Elle74 of BELLISSMA earlier this morning and discovered she was from the Phillippines like me! Har har har, Filipino designers are taking over SL... other great ones are Yuriko Muromachi, Shai Delacroix and Steve Hansen.

Also, been seeing Relika Itamae's store mentioned and her work looks good. I figure I want to find designers who make earth toned outfits that compliment my accessories to network with.

Well, that rounds my adventures recently. Ciao!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bangle MORE! Collection Released!

So I took a side project and made some bangles... turned out making bangles wasn't a minor gig and I spent three days tweaking it's release. I definately wanted WOOD bangles, or WOOD jewelry in general. Wood accessories are earthy and trendy, but where are they in Second Life? Well, from EARTHTONES they will start to come forth!

Ive been trying to find a really elegant picture of hands, but I couldnt find any it was driving me mad. Im not sure how people feel about virtual jewelry being displayed on a Real Life image but I like the surrealism effect. I didnt send it as a picture fr the Group Notice but I'll run it in the Classifieds for a bit and let the visitor conversion decide. -- So after going crazy with trying to find nice elegant hands (I had specific ones in mind, like a french woman with a long cigar; hand tilted in a graceful manner..or something) I remembered Nelly Furtado's new music video on MTV (I rarely watch MTV) and remembered she had some beautiful elegant dance moves and her hands were so graceful! So I googled her name and BAM! beautiful hands for beautiful bangles.

The selection I've made so far is a few of the designs I have in mind and will produce considering wood accessories and bangle bracelets. On this round I made Precious Stone "Chunks" in layed with gold on wood:

Simple Wood Designs:

Shades of [Colour(s)] and Aurora Bangles with embedded crystals:

Log in World to see the whole collection!

kisses kisses

Monday, December 18, 2006

Eclipse released!

After working with Odyssey and Journey for days, not to mention Grazia and cPc! my mind was exhausted. The best part about jewelry making is the creative part where I actually get to design something. Then after that is the tedious chore of creating variety options, organizing textures and names, packing them into vendors, releasing in all locations (possibly updating them on SLboutique, SLexchange) and by that time hours have passed. Don't get me wrong, that part is meditative and fun too but most of the time I just want to keep designing!

My wonderful partner Andre has actually started helping me by packing vendors, filling up boxes, re-naming this and that, dropping in notecards here and there, to even creating a script to a vision I had of a mroe practical and elegant vendor. Or a way to more elegantly display the jewelry. So that's exciting and up and coming.

This afternoon I had the chance to attend the Nouveau SIM opening party I was so excited to go to. And boy was it worth it! Shadowboxes with gorgeous women wearing gorgeous jewelry and skin in a gorgeous sim where the gorgeous creators entertained gorgeous guests! Unfortunately, the event was so big I was crashing like crazy and couldnt probably enjoy the event without popping a migraine.

After that there was a Fashion show with ASPIRE Magazine, and the SIM of Plush Genesis was also very full I had to peak from the next SIM just to see the event but that excitement was short lived before I had really wanted to be productive store wise. Enter. . .

Holiday 2006 Journey

These simple designs get a lot of holiday flavor. I wanted to promote the similar but distinct Odyssey and Journey in fun holiday colours. Do enjoy them. -- I have pages of to do list I want to with the store but I have a headache and will need to lift this fatigue. My coffee maker seems to have . . . broken down.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Odyssey Released - Timeless Elegance Collection

ODYSSEY which is directly coordinated to JOURNEY SETs by style and designs are now part of the Timeless Elegance Collection. A series I will dedicate to graceful formal appropiate accessories. Which to mention is a counter theme to my cPc! Chelsea PINK! Collection which will feature fun and colourful jewelry.

Journey and Odyssey bracelet and rings are in the works, but I will be hopping back to work on the new cPc! designs (which have been an absolute hit!) to sustain balance in my variety of design.

While the design concepts of Journey(s) and Odyssey are very similar thats actually the best part! They are meant to be combinable sets; wear an Odyssey Necklace with a pair of curved Journey earring and voila! The simple designs of a Journey piece can compliment the most casual outfits and the Odyssey to create dramatic effects.

The BEST part is YOU CAN TRY THEM ON at the Shoppe! No more blind guessing game while shopping for Jewelry.

Does it look different on you than it did in the picture or visual ad? Well, I now offer


As a small boutique in a virtual world we want you to feel like you are entering a small lavish world-influenced store (I always have World Music playing) where you can sit down, chat with me, have a cup of coffe or a glass of wine (imported ofcourse), read some fashion magazines, socialize with my monkey (theres really a store monkey) and try on some beautiful jewelry knowing EXACTLY what you buy.

I want you to TP out of my store feeling like a Goddess (or God) wearing EARTHTONES designs.

***Behind the Scenes of making Odyssey***

Thought it would be fun to post some snapshots I took while making Odyssey, hehehe. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Since the updates are rolling in I've been updating my blogs here and on MySpace. I'll be sketching more designs in a minute. I've accumulated in my sketchbook pages and pages of jewelry doodles that haven't been prim converted yet.

While I certainly am a *new* jewelry designer in SL considering this is my second month of serious prim work I want to stand out as an individual designer. I am a major fan of designers Lassitude & Ennui by Jackal Ennui, Miriel Enfield and Cailyn Miller. Their eye for beauty is magnificent and I am excited to now share the virtual Jewelry market with them!

L&E's pieces are so exquisite and artistic it steals my breathe away, Miriels work is equally divine with a touch of tamed elegance. I'm so excited to see their show at Nouveau SIM this Sunday I'm considering it a big event and am picking up some formals (as soon as the updates finish) and you should too! I look forward to seeing you there!
Cailyn has beautiful contemporary and elegant designs. Not only has she touched base with Mens Accessories, she released her Starburst Ring which is to DIE for! It reminds me of beautiful pieces I used to sell in 1st Life from a company called KENNY MA. Her rings made me nostalgic and put a smile on my face.

Jewelry making to me is the same as making ART. The best part is its ART people WEAR. When you work so hard and you've been staring at those micro prims all day you just start thinking to yourself "Is this all worth it? Am I doing any good?" and then suddenly customers pop around spending their lindens on my designs and sometimes the occasional pleasant IMs of how excited people get when they try it on. Then that's when you snap out of the mental drought and the cycle of creativity starts rolling again!

Every day I am learning to control prims better and better and my skills as a builder and jeweler are improving. I may take down work Ive done previously and upgrade it by design and quality. That's only because I want to offer my absolute best and the most detailed and intricate possible designs! This case is especially including my cPc! Chelsea PINK! Collection.

While I am making many sphere related jewelry (i.e cPc!, GRAZIA) I want to make tasteful sphere shape jewelry. In the 1st Life jewelry market spheres and circles are a popular, elegant and always trendy shape for jewelry crafting; circles and spheres just naturally compliment our face and body! But in 2nd Life, anyone can make a SPHERE and a CIRCLE. Anyone can make a hoop and call it an earring or create a string of sphere prims and call it a pearl necklace. "How can one create and accomplish designs and offer quality accessories to common SL shapes?" that was my challenge and I felt Ive accomplished that. How? By literally spending hours and hours tweaking each collection by design and concept.

My goal is always to create and release quality but always trendy pieces and especially at reasonable prices. I am and have been very passionate about designing and I want nothing less than that passion to reflect on my work.
JOURNEY Earrings & Necklace Sets In The Works!

These are very classic and timeless designs which I am confident will fulfill even the rueful or particular of tastes. The Journey Sets can be worn on a casual day shopping and it is even the perfect piece to compliment a wedding gown. It absolutely makes a wonderful Holiday Present! Any lady would appreciate these Sets as a gift. All my work has become or is going to be no copy/no modify/transfer*. So it makes for easy gift giving all year round!

The Journey Earring & Necklace Sets will be fully ready by tomorrow!

If you haven't already, please join the EARTHTONES BOUTIQUE UPDATE GROUP, thanks!

*Because my pieces are no modify, If a piece does not fit perfectly, IM me (Lucas Lameth) and send me your Avatar Shape and I may adjust the pieces to your body type.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

GRAZIA Earrings & Necklace Sets RELEASED!

Okay, after lots of hours and lots of coffee I finally tweaked 'GRAZIA Sets' for release! In 7 colours and 2 tones. Whew! Presented above is two of the the colours and in each tone so you can get an idea.
In the works of upgrading the cPc! (Chelsea PINK! Collection) I was sidetracked by two new sets, Grazia was one of them. The other is still in the works but will have a "stack effect" style that compliments Grazia; as in layered necklaces for that city gypsy look. This new style will also appear on my bracelets etc. so keep posted on here and the store!
Grazia will add drama and flair on your neckline; with a bold but also delicate look.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Fleur de lis and monarch earrings!

Finished Symphony Choker Necklace!

( The piece Ive been trying to finish for a while @_@ )

In four gentle colours embraced in subtle gold tones.

My goal was to create a very ethnic pendant and I am very much content with how this piece came out. -- I created it to directly compliment my popular Dragonfly Earrings.


Friday, December 01, 2006

Been a little idle lately with the whole jewelry gig. I could load onto you a chunk of excuses but lets not do that. -- Ive been working on this neck piece to compliment my Dragonfly Earrings but I took a month off from it and now I lost my groove with it a little. Going to perhaps start on other trinkets and hope to work some magic there. Tee-hee.