Monday, December 18, 2006

Eclipse released!

After working with Odyssey and Journey for days, not to mention Grazia and cPc! my mind was exhausted. The best part about jewelry making is the creative part where I actually get to design something. Then after that is the tedious chore of creating variety options, organizing textures and names, packing them into vendors, releasing in all locations (possibly updating them on SLboutique, SLexchange) and by that time hours have passed. Don't get me wrong, that part is meditative and fun too but most of the time I just want to keep designing!

My wonderful partner Andre has actually started helping me by packing vendors, filling up boxes, re-naming this and that, dropping in notecards here and there, to even creating a script to a vision I had of a mroe practical and elegant vendor. Or a way to more elegantly display the jewelry. So that's exciting and up and coming.

This afternoon I had the chance to attend the Nouveau SIM opening party I was so excited to go to. And boy was it worth it! Shadowboxes with gorgeous women wearing gorgeous jewelry and skin in a gorgeous sim where the gorgeous creators entertained gorgeous guests! Unfortunately, the event was so big I was crashing like crazy and couldnt probably enjoy the event without popping a migraine.

After that there was a Fashion show with ASPIRE Magazine, and the SIM of Plush Genesis was also very full I had to peak from the next SIM just to see the event but that excitement was short lived before I had really wanted to be productive store wise. Enter. . .

Holiday 2006 Journey

These simple designs get a lot of holiday flavor. I wanted to promote the similar but distinct Odyssey and Journey in fun holiday colours. Do enjoy them. -- I have pages of to do list I want to with the store but I have a headache and will need to lift this fatigue. My coffee maker seems to have . . . broken down.

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