Thursday, December 28, 2006

Destiny, Heiress of Time
Necklace & Earrings Set

A real labor of love. Zayante, a lovely woman I've had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know had asked me for a custom piece. She presented me with Tiffany's 'Atlas' designs which were simple Roman number jewelry. I had never considered doing a custom piece, mostly because you have to tune yourself and your personal style accordingly to suit your clients taste. However, Zayante gave me full creative freedom and encouraged I create something with my style. I spent a good week tuning Destiny into a design I was pleased with. Simple, but not mundane. Elegant, but not extravagant. Making this piece was a real treat, and to many more!

I also had a blast making the visuals for Destiny that I am going back on my previous pieces and fine tuning the visual ads. -- Mostly because its one thing to see a piece of jewelry laid out, its another thing to see it worn and perhaps it is thrice importance to make sure those who are investing their lindens on my designs have a sense of my vision about each piece. Also of course featuring what kind of outfits I personally would encourage. I want to make jewelry that is so special and unique you want to find an outfit that matches an EARTHTONES accessory.

Credits: Skin by NORA, Hair by ETD, dress by Nyphetamine

Here is the new Eclipse Set visuals:

Credits: Skin by CANIMAL (discontinued), Hair by NAUGHTY designs, dress by Dazzle (discontinued)

Currently working on more visual ads and Destiny Bracelet and Ring.

Hum, attended the Luminosity Grand Opening @ Luminous Island and that was a treat. All the big designers gathered in the new shop and it was quite a busy party! Here's some snapshots...

Sol Columbia's new store! Gonna get lots of new outfits for Earthtones Models. yay! Congratulations Sol!

Me and my Froggy doing the Groovy thang y'all!

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'Kota Buck said...

Was a pleasure to meet you. I'll be watching your releases very closely.
Dakota. x.