Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Since the updates are rolling in I've been updating my blogs here and on MySpace. I'll be sketching more designs in a minute. I've accumulated in my sketchbook pages and pages of jewelry doodles that haven't been prim converted yet.

While I certainly am a *new* jewelry designer in SL considering this is my second month of serious prim work I want to stand out as an individual designer. I am a major fan of designers Lassitude & Ennui by Jackal Ennui, Miriel Enfield and Cailyn Miller. Their eye for beauty is magnificent and I am excited to now share the virtual Jewelry market with them!

L&E's pieces are so exquisite and artistic it steals my breathe away, Miriels work is equally divine with a touch of tamed elegance. I'm so excited to see their show at Nouveau SIM this Sunday I'm considering it a big event and am picking up some formals (as soon as the updates finish) and you should too! I look forward to seeing you there!
Cailyn has beautiful contemporary and elegant designs. Not only has she touched base with Mens Accessories, she released her Starburst Ring which is to DIE for! It reminds me of beautiful pieces I used to sell in 1st Life from a company called KENNY MA. Her rings made me nostalgic and put a smile on my face.

Jewelry making to me is the same as making ART. The best part is its ART people WEAR. When you work so hard and you've been staring at those micro prims all day you just start thinking to yourself "Is this all worth it? Am I doing any good?" and then suddenly customers pop around spending their lindens on my designs and sometimes the occasional pleasant IMs of how excited people get when they try it on. Then that's when you snap out of the mental drought and the cycle of creativity starts rolling again!

Every day I am learning to control prims better and better and my skills as a builder and jeweler are improving. I may take down work Ive done previously and upgrade it by design and quality. That's only because I want to offer my absolute best and the most detailed and intricate possible designs! This case is especially including my cPc! Chelsea PINK! Collection.

While I am making many sphere related jewelry (i.e cPc!, GRAZIA) I want to make tasteful sphere shape jewelry. In the 1st Life jewelry market spheres and circles are a popular, elegant and always trendy shape for jewelry crafting; circles and spheres just naturally compliment our face and body! But in 2nd Life, anyone can make a SPHERE and a CIRCLE. Anyone can make a hoop and call it an earring or create a string of sphere prims and call it a pearl necklace. "How can one create and accomplish designs and offer quality accessories to common SL shapes?" that was my challenge and I felt Ive accomplished that. How? By literally spending hours and hours tweaking each collection by design and concept.

My goal is always to create and release quality but always trendy pieces and especially at reasonable prices. I am and have been very passionate about designing and I want nothing less than that passion to reflect on my work.

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