Monday, December 25, 2006

Recent Random Ding Daddles!

It's been a while since I blogged, but mostly because I've had some trouble logging in to the blogger. -- a lot's been going on.

The shoppe got mentioned in ASPIRE Magazine blog at so that was a real treat. I've visited ASPIRE modeling agency a few times and the build is impressive and grand! I was so impressed with the in world magazine itself I wanted to peak at the source. -- Previously, EARTHTONES was also mentioned at I've been keen on keeping track off the fashion scene. Not only does joining Fashion Emergency Group help but I've collected all the big fashion magazine vendors at the store...

... and read them at my leisure. Unfortunately, this means discovering fabulous designers like Shai Delacroix of Casa Del Shai and spending tons and tons of lindens. But its worth it! Every time I finish a major piece I buy myself a "happy present"! Those presents have been coming from Casa Del Shai recently . . . and I was treated to the new Naughty Skin and Hairstyle . . . and maybe also some Shiny Things and Barnes Boutique shoes. So Ive been buying a lot of presents for myself, its the holidays! ho! ho! ho!

Besides that, also invested in this 3k studio, gosh golly that was a wallet chunker! But I think its going to be useful. Once I learn how to use it that is. Im not very handy with hefty instructions. Im more of a "poke it 'till you figure it out" kind of guy, but most of the time that ends up in tragedies. Andre, my partner, also bought me Texture Organizers! What a life saver, I was going nuts with all my textures and saw the Organizer once. The time has come that such a gadget is 200% necesarry.

I'm currently working on a commission and It's going real well. I was given creative freedom so I'm having a lot of fun with it. I can't wait to release it but I'm going to take my time.

Oh, and I bumped into Cailyn Miller, one of my favourite jewelers, while I was around Barnes Boutique. She's real nice and sweet and looked so casual. Then I shared with her my addiction with Casa Del Shai, mwahahaha! Also bumped into Elle74 of BELLISSMA earlier this morning and discovered she was from the Phillippines like me! Har har har, Filipino designers are taking over SL... other great ones are Yuriko Muromachi, Shai Delacroix and Steve Hansen.

Also, been seeing Relika Itamae's store mentioned and her work looks good. I figure I want to find designers who make earth toned outfits that compliment my accessories to network with.

Well, that rounds my adventures recently. Ciao!


Cailyn Miller said...

you bad person, I spent a fortune at Shai's!

was a pleasure to meet you, I hope we will cross paths again soon :)

Silver Countess said...

It's good to see more Pinoys making it out there. :)Wish I've heard of you sooner. :)

~Yuriko Muromachi, dakilang bossing ng SLBarkada