Tuesday, December 12, 2006

GRAZIA Earrings & Necklace Sets RELEASED!

Okay, after lots of hours and lots of coffee I finally tweaked 'GRAZIA Sets' for release! In 7 colours and 2 tones. Whew! Presented above is two of the the colours and in each tone so you can get an idea.
In the works of upgrading the cPc! (Chelsea PINK! Collection) I was sidetracked by two new sets, Grazia was one of them. The other is still in the works but will have a "stack effect" style that compliments Grazia; as in layered necklaces for that city gypsy look. This new style will also appear on my bracelets etc. so keep posted on here and the store!
Grazia will add drama and flair on your neckline; with a bold but also delicate look.


Celina said...

Absolutely beautiful, my sweet, but then I never expected less from my favourite jewel designer in SL. I´ll be sure and come in to check it out. And I´ll tell the others, too!

Lucas Lameth said...

Thank you Sweetheart! Expect me at your bar one of these nights. ^_~