Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bangle MORE! Collection Released!

So I took a side project and made some bangles... turned out making bangles wasn't a minor gig and I spent three days tweaking it's release. I definately wanted WOOD bangles, or WOOD jewelry in general. Wood accessories are earthy and trendy, but where are they in Second Life? Well, from EARTHTONES they will start to come forth!

Ive been trying to find a really elegant picture of hands, but I couldnt find any it was driving me mad. Im not sure how people feel about virtual jewelry being displayed on a Real Life image but I like the surrealism effect. I didnt send it as a picture fr the Group Notice but I'll run it in the Classifieds for a bit and let the visitor conversion decide. -- So after going crazy with trying to find nice elegant hands (I had specific ones in mind, like a french woman with a long cigar; hand tilted in a graceful manner..or something) I remembered Nelly Furtado's new music video on MTV (I rarely watch MTV) and remembered she had some beautiful elegant dance moves and her hands were so graceful! So I googled her name and BAM! beautiful hands for beautiful bangles.

The selection I've made so far is a few of the designs I have in mind and will produce considering wood accessories and bangle bracelets. On this round I made Precious Stone "Chunks" in layed with gold on wood:

Simple Wood Designs:

Shades of [Colour(s)] and Aurora Bangles with embedded crystals:

Log in World to see the whole collection!

kisses kisses

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