Sunday, May 31, 2009

Zodiac Necklace '09

Zodiac necklace updated. Updated to more realistic chains, added sculpty parts to zodiac signs, added visual text on pendant, added starry backdrop on pendant, mens version is now longer, updated to new textures, added shadow on pendant.

Visual Credits: MEN: Skin, Shape and Eyes by Den-Dou, Hair by Uncle Web, Shirt by The Good Life, pose by FORM. WOMEN: Skin by Tuli, Hair by Maitreya, Eyes by Fashionably Dead, Shirt by TRUTH.

precious moments locket

Heirloom locket updated.
New textures, no SL shine but instead using my new metal textures. Added sculpty gems. Added pendant shadow. Made the colour variations less but more aesthetically selective. I'm not that happy with the display model but I can change that in the future. Enjoy!

Also, I've been trying to be more aware of my displays making sure they are a bit xstreet or OnRez friendly. I've never actively used those outlets but I'm interested in starting.

Visual Credits: Hair by ETD, Skin by TULI, Outfit by Fleur, Pose by Reel Expression

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1/4 Sim for Rent at MUSE

(Please Click to Enlarge)

  • 12,000+ sq. m. plot ( Quarter Sim Plot )
  • Very Affordable Tier!
  • 4000+ prims

We're searching for a commercial tenant who shares our aesthetic for a quarter sim plot for their main store! Great neighbors, beautiful sim and very affordable rent. Preferably a non-jewelry or skin maker. Does not have to be a fashion content creator just as long as our tastes match (i.e. A yacht maker is more ideal than a motorcycle maker).

You will be sharing the sim with three other content creators:

MUSE fine jewelry by Caliah Lyon
MichaMi by Milla Michinaga
(luc) fashion jewelry by Lucas Lameth

Please drop by to see the plot!

**Please contact Lucas Lameth or Caliah Lyon for more information.**