Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1/4 Sim for Rent at MUSE

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  • 12,000+ sq. m. plot ( Quarter Sim Plot )
  • Very Affordable Tier!
  • 4000+ prims

We're searching for a commercial tenant who shares our aesthetic for a quarter sim plot for their main store! Great neighbors, beautiful sim and very affordable rent. Preferably a non-jewelry or skin maker. Does not have to be a fashion content creator just as long as our tastes match (i.e. A yacht maker is more ideal than a motorcycle maker).

You will be sharing the sim with three other content creators:

MUSE fine jewelry by Caliah Lyon
MichaMi by Milla Michinaga
(luc) fashion jewelry by Lucas Lameth

Please drop by to see the plot!

**Please contact Lucas Lameth or Caliah Lyon for more information.**


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