Thursday, March 29, 2007

c a s s a n d r a NOVA

necklace & earrings jewelry set

Cassandra Jewelry Sets are the 2nd to debut in the series of elegant Victorian Designs.

She is a beautiful and graceful enchantment. Available in Gold or Antique Silver in Four delicious custom colours or a Multi Version with over 190 Colour Combinations.

Cassandra is this seasons prime treat for the sophisticated fashion connoisseur.

Visual Text:

"Look upon a river of stars,

cerulean skies

or spring blossoms

and you will find yourself embraced

in ethereal EARTHTONES"

Credits: Skin by NORA, Hair by ETD, Jacket & Shirt by LAST CALL, Dress by Boing Froimage, Pearls by MUSE, Pose by Reel Movement

MUSE Wrist Watches

Unisex Elegant Confections

The beautiful Caliah Lyon has executed delicate wrist watches so highly detailed they will take your breath away. As if that is not enough, they are working watches too! I said to Caliah, even if these watches were not scripted to work they would still fashionably divine! So it's just a double threat that they are functioning!

Caliah, like any excellent accessory maker is meticulously attentive to detail. Her work never falls short of glory to live up to her brand name "MUSE".

Upon casual conversation Miss Caliah had mentioned men had been asking her for watches also and I didnt hesitate to encourage how glad I would be to don one myself. However, I learned I need not wait! These lovely wrist confections can be resized for any man which makes them the PERFECT gift for the men in your life! Or even better if you are a man reading this dont wait longer than this moment and try on Caliah's new watches... shame on you, homme or femme, if you read this far without donning a new watch from MUSE!

~MUSE~ Fine Jewelry New Release: Want Candy?
"It's my pleasure to release my new line of -functional- alligator-strap gold and silver watches in an array of candy colours as well as the basic neutrals. Nine colours, with two choices of face each (so you get two watches instead of one). You can set the time to any timezone you wish, and the second hand is in constant motion."
~Caliah Lyon

Monday, March 26, 2007

Discover your MUSE at EARTHTONES!

EARTHTONES is delighted to feature MUSE fine jewelry by Caliah Lyon ! If you have not had the pleasure of donning MUSE I urge you to visit and immerse yourself in Caliahs lovely creations.

EARTHTONES expands and outgrows its roots again and the North Wing of the Shoppe becomes condensed in vendors. Full Colour Changing Sets of the Organique & NEW Victorian Collection price shifts pleasantly ( necklace & earrings sets WERE 499L, NOW 399L : bracelet & ring sets WERE 349L, NOW 299L )

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lace of Love

Relay for Life . Relay for Love

Together We Can Do Anything,

Together We Can Change the World,

Together We Can Save Lives,

Together we Can Make a Difference!

Lace of Love Jewelry Set Sales all go to RFL. The suggested price is 500L, however if you are short on lindens and would like a set please IM me with the donation you intend to make and I will give you a set. I will put any contributions given this way directly to 'Shopaholics for a Cure Team Kiosk'. Cheers!

Credits: Hair is "Airy" in blonde by ETD, Skin is Entice by NORA, Sweater fromm Celestial City, Pose "Innocence Collection" by Reel Movement

Friday, March 16, 2007

L o u v e l l e
First in a series of Victorian Influenced designs.
I've been releasing three pieces a week
but Louvelle has owned my attention through out the week.
Not in vain, she is a full set of Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet and Ring.
The first Set to premier EARTHTONES Victorian Vintage Series;
luscious designs for the Lady of the Lake
and or the sophisticated Manhattanite.
Like the Organique Collection,
Louvelle and upcoming Vintage series
will have the option of Multi Colour Changing Crystals.
Credits: Skin is by Lovely Darling, Hair is Flapper by ETD

Friday, March 09, 2007

NEW! Organique Jewelry

Last Week we recieved the regal and beautiul Angela Necklace with matching Rose Disc Earrings, this week we have the pleasure of bringing you Angela Fleur, matching Cuff & Ring in the same delicate and striking design. Named Angela for the designs divine resonance carrying Springs sonet.

Solaria also recieves a matching Cuff & Ring, as bold and unshy as its Necklace & Earring. The Cuff is loittered with gold chips for a universal luxury. The Ring, oh this visual does not do the ring justice! I adhere you! No, you MUST visit the Shoppe yourself and try this ring on (With our Store DEMO's) ! This chunky finger decor carries a goliath of a crystal befitting imperial. My good Fashionista Friend and I jest Solaria Ring will also make a good safety accessory to nightstalkers. Why, a jab with this ring would send the foulest hound away! Not to mention the awe of your fellow fashionistas. Don't worry, if they say this rock is too big... they just can't handle it.

Finally, the premier of this evening is 'Wish'. The necklace entitled 'Crescent Wish', for the obvious lunar design and bejeweled wishing star. Matching earrings entitled 'One Wish'; they are subtle star designs made to capture the breath of your most desired wishes to nightskies. To anyone having a strong connection to the Moon or the Stars this is an accessory sinful to pass up. Go ahead, try it on yourself... see how it feels.

Ofcourse all Organique Collection have Over 60-190 Colour Variations!

This concludes our generous selection this week!

So look forward to enjoying your company again soon!

Until then, ta ta!

EARTHTONES @ Second Convention Fashion Show

Join EARTHTONES and over 20 Fresh New Designers featuring exclusive new Fashion at the Second Convention Show this Weekend! Lot's of beautiful things to see and people to meet! Thankfully the show will be a static stage with still models so you can examine the models leisurely instead of a crowded sim with unbearable lag and moving runway models who are all gray.

Come to recieve GIfts from EARTHTONES & Friends and to have a good time! Hope to see you there!