Friday, March 09, 2007

NEW! Organique Jewelry

Last Week we recieved the regal and beautiul Angela Necklace with matching Rose Disc Earrings, this week we have the pleasure of bringing you Angela Fleur, matching Cuff & Ring in the same delicate and striking design. Named Angela for the designs divine resonance carrying Springs sonet.

Solaria also recieves a matching Cuff & Ring, as bold and unshy as its Necklace & Earring. The Cuff is loittered with gold chips for a universal luxury. The Ring, oh this visual does not do the ring justice! I adhere you! No, you MUST visit the Shoppe yourself and try this ring on (With our Store DEMO's) ! This chunky finger decor carries a goliath of a crystal befitting imperial. My good Fashionista Friend and I jest Solaria Ring will also make a good safety accessory to nightstalkers. Why, a jab with this ring would send the foulest hound away! Not to mention the awe of your fellow fashionistas. Don't worry, if they say this rock is too big... they just can't handle it.

Finally, the premier of this evening is 'Wish'. The necklace entitled 'Crescent Wish', for the obvious lunar design and bejeweled wishing star. Matching earrings entitled 'One Wish'; they are subtle star designs made to capture the breath of your most desired wishes to nightskies. To anyone having a strong connection to the Moon or the Stars this is an accessory sinful to pass up. Go ahead, try it on yourself... see how it feels.

Ofcourse all Organique Collection have Over 60-190 Colour Variations!

This concludes our generous selection this week!

So look forward to enjoying your company again soon!

Until then, ta ta!


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