Friday, December 15, 2006

Odyssey Released - Timeless Elegance Collection

ODYSSEY which is directly coordinated to JOURNEY SETs by style and designs are now part of the Timeless Elegance Collection. A series I will dedicate to graceful formal appropiate accessories. Which to mention is a counter theme to my cPc! Chelsea PINK! Collection which will feature fun and colourful jewelry.

Journey and Odyssey bracelet and rings are in the works, but I will be hopping back to work on the new cPc! designs (which have been an absolute hit!) to sustain balance in my variety of design.

While the design concepts of Journey(s) and Odyssey are very similar thats actually the best part! They are meant to be combinable sets; wear an Odyssey Necklace with a pair of curved Journey earring and voila! The simple designs of a Journey piece can compliment the most casual outfits and the Odyssey to create dramatic effects.

The BEST part is YOU CAN TRY THEM ON at the Shoppe! No more blind guessing game while shopping for Jewelry.

Does it look different on you than it did in the picture or visual ad? Well, I now offer


As a small boutique in a virtual world we want you to feel like you are entering a small lavish world-influenced store (I always have World Music playing) where you can sit down, chat with me, have a cup of coffe or a glass of wine (imported ofcourse), read some fashion magazines, socialize with my monkey (theres really a store monkey) and try on some beautiful jewelry knowing EXACTLY what you buy.

I want you to TP out of my store feeling like a Goddess (or God) wearing EARTHTONES designs.

***Behind the Scenes of making Odyssey***

Thought it would be fun to post some snapshots I took while making Odyssey, hehehe. Enjoy!

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