Thursday, October 09, 2008

(luc) Opening Party Celebration Wrap-Up.

For Guests who did not register for the Gift Card please send me a notecard.

The opening party was a huge success! It was so refreshing to see so many new and familiar faces. The party lasted 2 1/2 hours but the fun lasted for much longer. Thanks to everyone who attended, I enjoyed all your company. Thanks to all the Seven staff for working with me through the party and thanks to Samara Barzane, Choice Sliter and my love Tag Mulligan helping me setup the new shop in just about two weeks. Now that the hard part is over it's all about the jewelry again. I'm a little late on my new release since I spent all night finding beautiful looks to present the jewelry. -- Also my Gift Card send outs are also late, which were supposed to be sent out at midnight SLT but it's 2:21 PM and I'm getting to it. I needed my 10 hours of beauty sleep in order to function and not be groggy. I have about 30 names registered from about a 45 attendee high with a lot of swappers coming in and out so it may be around 50+. Unfortunately I only have 30. If you were at the party and you didn't click my sign or know about it please send me a notecard in world with your name and saying that you attended the party so I can give your Gift Card. Thanks!

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