Monday, May 21, 2007

Zodiac Jewelry

As time goes by my expectations of
personal quality and style grow and grow!
This week I present to you
EARTHTONES Zodiac Jewelry
revised with a more natural feel
and Male versions, too!
There are two versions of ROUND or TAG (with birthstone) pendants
available for both men and women.
The womens versions both include matching earrings!
Each Zodiac Pack contains a very subtle gold and silver finish.

DEMOs are available for both pendant styles/sets.

Below is a preview of the Visuals you will find at the shop:

I included a little bit of Zodiac information on the Visuals
because I enjoy the empowering
characteristics of each sign
and wanted to share!
Many thanks
and much love to you all!
~ Lucas Lameth ~
-[EARTHTONES boutique]-

Credits: On Lucas: Sheer Tunic by Last Call, Hair and Skin by ND, pose by Last Stand. Eyes by FNKY On Manna: Hair by ETD, Skin by TaP, Tube top and lace shirt by Relika, Pose by Reel Movement, Eyes by FNKY

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