Sunday, June 03, 2007

Beach Resort
Jewelry Collection

Just a while ago Caliah had brought the idea of doing a collaboration project and of course I was ecstatic with the idea. -- "Beach Jewelry" was the theme for the Summer months. Now, when I thought of beach jewelry images instantly came to mind of beaded surfer chokers and worn fabric anklets. Not exactly the kind of accessories I'd like to initially execute. "No, no... think Beach Resort Jewelry", Caliah corrected me and instantly a rush of ideas inflated my mind which exploded on my sketchbook!

While the release date and premier of the Beach Jewelry was ideally set for around early to mid June or so, a few miscellaneous events and projects have pushed the dates around. -- I'll be releasing a few pieces of the collection and Caliah will eventually follow with a stunning surprise. This duo is a collaboration by theme so each piece will resonate quality MUSE or EARTHTONES. The idea is to execute beach themed jewelry gradually over the summer months. So sit back and get comfortable along the sun-kissed coasts and enjoy your olive martini! We here at EARTHTONES are doing the same thing in-between work sessions.

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