Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Coming Soon!

Here's a sneak peak at why EARTHTONES has been quiet lately.
Our space at Dos Corazones has been well lived
and our Fashion Jewelry Store needs more breathing room
to stretch and grow!
EARTHTONES will be moving to a new location soon
so keep a heads up on here at the boutique blog
for the latest activities at the shop!

A snapshot of Luc pondering the best way to give visitors a warm fuzzy feeling when arriving.
Note to Self: Put out some Coffee and Tea

The Four Corners of the Shop are highlighted with special platforms and jewelry features!
Not only can customers better see the products but there are now new jewelry tables with comfortable seating for a more intimate experience! I wanted to keep warm colours around the shop. I was happy to find these beautiful red carpets at Isabella Lazarno's shop. They are such a passionate shade of red!

an aerial view of the shop layout. I wanted a fancy store while keeping it comfortable. I wondered if I should set a roof but Dakota Buck convinced me it looks great without and I eventually agreed. She has good taste so it's hard to disagree! -- Like the previous shop space geometric shapes litter the floor to direct flow and also to balance out space making it friendlier to look at.

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