Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Anchors, Toss & Tassel Set
beach resort collection '07

These lovely anchor sets have been comfortable in my inventory for two months and today they finally make their debut release! -- At the beginning of the year I made simple anchor earrings for Dakota Buck, a serious anchor lover and one of my closest friends. I couldn't think of a good design for a matching necklace until a few months after. I designed a "Toss & Tassel" necklace where ideally the tube clasp in the front would open and release the tassel. So you "toss" it around your neck and close the tassel. I always want to make sure my designs or designs I'm translating always have a real life feel. -- Also, earlier tonight I looked at this design real hard and decided it would look good on the fellas too. Well, it looked good on me anyway. So cheers to men's jewelry!

Anchors, Toss & Tassel Set is available for both Men and Women.

In a Chocolate/Gold and a Silver/Black Versions.

Women's Sets come with matching earrings

set with either a clarifying quartz or black onyx.

This piece is wholeheartedly and lovingly dedicated to Dakota Buck, a wonderful friend.

Credits: On Manna: Hair is by Frangipani, Skin by Naughty Designs, black strap corset by Savvy?, inner shirt by Mischief, pose by Reel Movement. On Lucas: Hair is by Naughty Designs, Skin is by FNKY, Black button up shirt by Aitui, Tank top by Casa del Shai, Pose by Happy Dispatch

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