Sunday, June 24, 2007

Boho Wood Jewelry!
Nature is always in style

This week we have a delicious set of 3 Boho Wood Jewelry!

Necklaces & Earrings are Sold Individually to Mix and Match!

The first one is a Boho Gypsy that's absolutely city chic! It's messy and very random! A really fun piece that's sure to be the buzz! -- The earrings featured here are big loops with mixed woods, simple and fun! All the earrings and necklaces are sold individually so you may mix and match.

This set's necklace has three intertwining strands. A very down to earth wood jewelry that feels very casual and easy to blend in many kinds of outfits. -- The earrings here are a curvaceous carved pair, they are a bit sculptic and definitely something a little different. I designed them just to create a longer balance to perhaps this short necklace or short hair.

The last Boho Wood Jewelry piece we have is very long! I was feeling playful and experimenting with different looks and this is what happened. I was so tempted to add more detail in the middle but I left it alone and stayed with the design as I had originally sketched. -- The earrings here are like the big loop except they are carved to wave out. Something out of the ordinary. Fun for the both of us, aye?

Bushido Bay (76, 236, 24)

Credits: All clothing is by Fashionably Dead, Red Hair is by Shop Seu, Black Hair by Nylon Outfitters, Skin by Nylon Outfitters, All Eyes by Fashionably Dead, All Poses by Reel Movement, Manikins by Shop Seu

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