Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Pride Jewelry
Rainbow Aurora & Unity Symbols

So here in NYC there have been Pride events and celebrations every week. Each borough has its own little gig and then next week is the big parade in Manhattan! Usually I'm hiding when the Pride Parade and all its jolly comes around but this year I'm infected with the good feeling. -- All in all sporting the rainbow or any queer emblem is just an empowering statement beyond sexuality. Wearing the colours mean you embrace revolution and change. Some people put everything on the line to fight for the basic right to love another human being romantically and wholly without fear of being persecuted. Those noble deeds resonate to the freedom we all enjoy today and tomorrow. Myself, I fight and I represent my community by creating these accessories and tokens.
Be Proud, have Pride!
Happy Pride 2007!

*Also Available in a Black Metal*

EARTHTONES boutique, Bushido Bay (76, 236, 24)

Credits: On Manna: Hair is by Frangipani, Skin is by Lovey Darling, Outfit by Culture Vulture, Pose by Reel Movement, Eyes by FNKY. On Lucas: Hair, Clothes & Skin by Nylon Outfitters, logo frames by Paper Couture, Pose by Reel Movement, Eyes by FNKY

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