Monday, February 12, 2007

Whats next @ EARTHTONES boutique . . .

World Designs, Spiritual Collection and Men's Accessories

I've just finished the batch of my major projects for Valentines Day and I'm going to take a break from designing and releasing products. I figured, if there were any other season for a Jewelry store to shine it would be Valentines. So I hope you all like it!

From now on I will be releasing collections instead of piece by piece. My next projects will be focusing on World designs and Spiritualism. When I first started EARTHTONES it was my original intention to release ethnic accessories and tokens of spirituality like Buddha designs. I will also be releasing mens accessories. The main reason I have been designing womens jewelry more than mens is because they are more fun! I can add more flair than I would on a mens piece. With mens jewelry, the universal rule is "always stay simple", nothing too complicated. It's about time I take a crack at maybe making things for myself and seeing if it catches on with the fellas.

So thanks everyone! Happy Valentines Day to you all!! I'll see everyone soon.

Much Love,
luc @ EARTHTONES boutique

Credits: Skin by NAUGHTY designs, Hair is Pullback, Couture Collection by ETD, Dress and Henna tattoo by CANIMAL, pose by Reel Movement

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