Wednesday, February 28, 2007

NEW Organique Collection
First Wave, Set Two

How's your latte?

We are still visiting the New York boutiques

with alot of European influence and flair.

On the previous release batch we recieved

three delicate designs to start off our organique collection

and today three more join the array of fine-crafted fashion flavour.

A set regal for a royal formal or simply the finishing touch to impress. The necklace resonates small dual colour crystals while the pendants shaped like a promised star. Matching rose disc earrings especially made to neutralize the bold necklace. Snatching a pair of Celsia earrings from a Gloria Set and combining with an Angela Necklace is ideal for a complete royal look.

Capturing the essence of the stars and the universe Solaria has feint impressions of cosmic rings and stars set in a bold a goldust pendant with a unique chain that closes with an "s" clasp. The matching disc earrings create a balance with the long necklace design. Solaria is for the daring and stylish looking for luxury out of this world.

The berry bauble that's fun and quirky without sacrifcing elegance and sophistication. The necklace and each earring is all individually positioned for difference in design; as if you went into the grove and donned a collection of gold cast, murano glass seasonal grapes.

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