Sunday, May 11, 2008

NEW Update Group!
Without taking up your SL 25 Group Slots

I have been looking forward to switching to an Update Group which does not require the Second Life Group Slots but have been a little taken aback by previous price ranges of certain programs. However, hippoGROUPS has conveniently come up with an Update Group System that is extremely cost effective. In fact, I urge everyone to really read about the system.

Our Second Life "EARTHTONES boutique Update Group" will still be in use until June 1st and will be obsolete after that. Please join our new members group at the Main Store by touching a sign that should look similar to this:

Any FREE gifts, group discounts, special events and weekly Gift Certificate hand-outs will only be sent out to the new update group. If you are already a member of the new update group and also a member of our old one please feel free to leave the old one at any time. Cheers!

$L500 Weekly Gift Certificates!

This weeks winner is Emmanuelle LaFollette !

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