Thursday, February 21, 2008

3 New Jewelry Sets @ EARTHTONES boutique

Heartwood Sets are my favorite of the batch. Sculpted hearts with dark wood and metal keeping the ribbon and chain combo from Carollin. Also added a fun tassel and small crystal stud. Earrings and bangles are simple and stylish not taking away attention from pendant.

Ice Crystal Set is simple and elegant like most of the designs in the shop. Versatile as casual or formal. I'm currently working on a longer, more dramatic version. The packaged include a clear version and a solid version. I like the idea of transparent crystals but I know it may fight with alpha hair-dos if your hair is not a short style.

Circles Triad Set is also very simple with feint crystal bits. -- Sometimes I believe less is more. This set is more of an accent than a focus piece. Wear it to bring out a flavorful outfit.

EARTHTONES boutique, Muse (80, 165, 23)

Credits: Heartwood Visuals: Hair by Frangipani, Skin by Lovey Darling, Top by Armidi, Jeans by Tres Blah, Pose by Reel Movement. Ice Crystal Visuals: Hair by ETD, skin by Total Betty (fundraiser, discontinued), Top by Gisaci Armidi. Circles Triad: Hair by ETD, Skin by Alaska Metropolitan (fundraiser, discontinued), Top by Fashionably Dead, Pose by Reel Movement.

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