Wednesday, September 17, 2008

han hana jewelry sets
wood beads, precious metal & shape preserved leaf

I wanetd to breathe in as much autumn inspiration as I could and design something and this is what I birthed. A lot of Indian, Tibetan and Nepalese influences. Since I really like to browse those kinds of shops in first life. I thought I would design and share some of the aesthetics and color I appreciate in those cultures. -- Gold is naturally my comfort metal and so I struggle a little working with silver gem/focus piece color combinations. Although I am very pleased to have finally made an antiqued silver texture I am content with. With silver I usually head to pastels and brights and keep my earthy colors with the gold. I hope you love them! Ciao.

~Luc Lameth

Han Hana Jewelry Sets come in two metal and woods

with varying color play on both. Eight individual designs.

Necklaces are Touch Resize Script.

Nose Pierce Stud and Ring are Texture Change Scripted.

If you prefer non-scripted items let me know.

Visual Ad Credits: Skin from M&R (Rosemary Galbraith), Hair from ETD, Dress from Zaara Couture, Pose from Reel Expression

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