Sunday, January 24, 2010


As Muse is closing down we say goodbye to good memories and open our new flagship store at Earth sim. My jewelry store, once called "Earthtones Boutique" now returns to its roots.

Celebrate with us by receiving 30% OFF Store Cards for one week!

L$1000 Card for L$700
L$500 for L$350
L$300 for L$210

Check my profile (Lucas Lameth) under PICKS to teleport directly to the new location.


This locket was made October 2009 as a custom request by a gentleman who wanted something special for his girlfriend but I was unable to officially release and announce the set until now. Which is in perfect timing for Valentines day! ^_^ It is from a first life design with my own personal twist. Hope you like it!

Also, keep in mind our other locket called Heirloom. Which also makes a nice Valentines gift.

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