Thursday, June 12, 2008

NEW! Ambrosia
necklace & earrings sets

(scroll down and read on how to retrieve your free Ambrosia set)

Ambrosia jewelry set is a delicate double layered chain necklace
with a tropical focal pendant heightened with a gold disc.
The chain has chocolate wood beads
to add to the natural elements of the design.
The design only comes in the mother of metals; gold.

You may recieve a FREE Ambrosia Set called Celistia
made as a complimentary gift when you visit
joan's celistia island sim.

A landmark is provided on the Ambrosia display
when you visit our main store.

(please click to enlarge)

EARTHTONES @ Celistia, La Palmita

ad credits: Hair is from ETD, Skin is from ROSEMAR (Rosemary Galbraith), all clothing is from Viva La Glam (Chloris Hathor), Pose is by Reel Expression (Luth Brodie)

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