Monday, September 10, 2007

Lucas Lameth's lovely boy lookbook
fashion diary of a second life jeweler and fashioner
(Part 2 of 2)

Here is two casual looks I fell in-love with after Catero Revolution (fashionisto extraordinaire) told me Indigo/GLAM had released new menswear. I took a TP trip and was instantly hooked. I really went trigger happy and brought everything (theres only really about less than 7 whole new sets. I'm not sure on the actual number, check it out for yourself ok?)

Oh So Comfy Casual - Clothes are all Indigo/GLAM by Chloris Hathor, the bag (oh how I love this little colorful boho bag) and the painter slip on shoes (can you believe they're free?) are from Shiny Things. Fallinwgater is Queen of accessories, period. I mean cmon, free shoes! And they're the best of the best. The hair is cute isn't it? Its such a neat bun.

Everyday Casual - The shirt again is from Indigo, I didn't change the pants. The shoes are my favorite, which I wear most of the time and they are City Walk from Shiny Things. The hair is my favorite hair at the moment, which is Taylor from ETD. Catero said it looks like Orlando Bloom hair, and hey it does! I hope this encourages some men on the grid to think outside the box and wear some long hair, eh-heh. Don't worry, even if your hair is straight and long and pretty you still can be too, if you know what I mean *winkwink*. The perfect accessory to complete this outfit is a MUSE wristwatch by Caliah Lyon. Which, ironically, was originally presented as a woman's accessory. But mind you, mind you! Enlarge it on your wrist fella's and you have the classiest fucking watch in SL! I kid you not.

These are outfits I'm very fond of If I were attending a formal event or a party.

To The Left - Yesterday I met a nice lady who directed me to Bare Rose. I love Bare Rose, really I do. But I cant navigate inside for the fuck of me. It's not them, its me. I get so overwhelmed and cant help myself. Besides the lag, too. There are outfits Ive seen on people I do not own yet for the single reason I cannot find it in there *sad face*. I dint want to complain about store layout because I own a store and I dislike outside opinions (complaints) on how my store shall be arranged. I'm meticulous like that. Please save your fired torches, stones, lynching and hang me later. -- Anyway, so I found this beautiful sheer lacey top in the Couture section of Bare Rose in the Black Cat Sim. It was calling my name and I had to have it right away! It comes in a few subtle colour options, but I chose the soft gold tone because I'm a gold person all the way. The pants come with the outfit and the shoes are City Walk by Shiny Things. The beautiful circlet (which I am ashamed for not taking a closeup of) is Miriels. Its gorgeous and I'm happy it fit my fat head. I'm also wearing MUSE pearl earrings. I kept playing with hair for this and decided on the bun. I didn't imagine hair flowing about to disrupt the blouses gorgeous ruffles.

To The Right - I'm wearing the ever renowned Paper Couture Fall Collection '07. I love this outfit. Its dark and simple. The Murse (man-purse) is also from Paper Couture, and I love the branding and not too dainty style. The frames, also from Paper Couture, I modified dark and retextured the gold to a dense silver to match my murse (not purse). My shoes are from FNKY and my hair is Jake from Frangipani. The scarf (tinted black) is from an outfit from a discontinued Last Call/Moderno outfit.

Well, thats it! Hope you enjoyed!

All hair (Except Jake from Frangipani) s from ETD, All Skin is Entice David from NORA, All Eyes are Purple Eyes from Fashionably Dead (I roll like that) and all poses are from Reel Expression (formerly Reel Movement)


Noam said...

Aw Lucas, You're cute.

Delilah Karas - Style Schmyle said...

You pretty much rock my world. :)