Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lucas Lameth's lovely boy lookbook
fashion diary of a second life jeweler & fashioner

Well this is post is about 3 specific things mostly besides saving this look. Ive already worn these outfits, although this time I left out BareRose flamboyant puffs on the top and waist and only kept the hand flairs making the blouse a bit more masculine. -- What I really am excited to share about is the skin from D-Skin. Originally seen on Fashion Victims post by Stephanie Misfit I was curious about its amazing smooth detail and went into the store to try on some DEMO's. D-Skin only offers women's skins and as they are arranged numerically from D-Skin 1-8 I went down the line inspecting if I could pass any off as a boy. D-Skin 07 caught my eye with its bare makeup-less and innocent face. The eyebrows are not too thin, either and could pass simply as groomed. The eye is beautifully almond enough with just a hint of makeup and shading which I love. It would've been nice to have the skin colour modifiable to a more tanner look, but with this much detail its hard to be displeased. The price is steep at 2000L and for that price I better be wearing it for a while (or forever) and I will. Except maybe when I visit beach sims in which case I will switch to FNKY Antonio.

I'm also ecstatic to discover SiniStyle hair. I have seen passing advertisements here and there of people wearing the brand but have not paid much attention since I'm not into the grunge and gore or heavy Gothic scene. I'm wearing SiniStyle's"Petrelli" Hair in Shadow.

Also, even before I started making jewelry in Second Life Jackal Ennui's Lassitude & Ennui has been on of my top favorite jewelry stores and I'm so sad I dint see some of her most timeless pieces worn on the grid. I have been eyeing Rydra, this geometric necklace & earrings set (I'm only wearing the necklace) that's absolutely breathtaking. It was modifiable so I could fit it onto my fat neck, but you women would look stunning in this in a Last Call / Simone gown or something. I chose the rainbow colour and I love how it adds an array of colour to this otherwise colorless look. -- I flew across Nouveau to grab Miriels circlet in black to match my new necklace and boots. Paper Coutures Black Pearl Ring doesn't hurt the look either.

Extra Credits: Pants are Equestria Breeches from Last Call, Boots are Comfy Boots from Shiny Things, Purple Eyes by Fashionably Dead, All poses by Reel Expression

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Stephanie Misfit said...

Here's hoping that DynamiteTanaka Payne sees this and is inspired to make some guys skins! And please, don't show me your bits......