Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lucas Lameth's lovely boy lookbook
fashion diary of a second life jeweler and fashioner
(Part 1 of 2)

First off, yay! In my meager attempt to cope with my emo moments I have consorted to shop therapy. RL and SL. Of course, my dollar is more bountiful in my Second Life. As well as cosmetic surgery and drastic hairstyle change are as easy as a click! click! click! *giggles*
Recently I've been engrossed in a trilogy called Wraeththu by Storm Constantine. I discovered the series thanks to Caliah Lyons many good graces and influence. Heck, even this fashion post is inspired by her own. -- Anyway, Wraeththu is about an alternate reality where humans evolve into a hermaphrodite like race. Most of the characters are effeminate men who carry both male and female characteristics at large. One of my favorite quotes from the book is, "We fight like men, and cry like women!". These looks featured here are inspired by the book with the recipe of masculine and feminine appeal in mind. Hope you enjoy them!

Regal Rider - Mmm. The outfit is Dressage from Last Call. It included a dark plaid jacket but I felt it was a little too dark for my tastes at the moment. The focus of this outfit really comes to the hair and hair accessories. The hair is Brenda from ETD, and its one of my favorites. Its twisted braid is hauntingly stylish. A little mysterious, a little seductive. The two hairpins are both from Miriel. I told myself one is enough and two is overdoing it but I was lying to myself. I deserved two. The earrings are black pearls from MUSE. They really set the elegance of the look worn on both ears. The belt and boots are both from Shiny Things. The boots are part of her new releases and also depicted for womens. If you re a burly guy It may be risky and maybe it will shrink your feet? Good thing she offers DEMOs. I think they are simple and sleek. I was hunting the grid for a heel-less boot and Shiny Things never disappoints! The belt is a pouch belt which I adore. I imagine myself keeping little trinkets and herbs I pick along my travels and storing them in the various pockets.

Royal Messenger - The outfit is Virginie, in Last Calls new womens Catwalk Collection. Although here is proof it makes durable male fashion. The hair is Naoko from ETD, one of the new ones she released with her new store opening. I love its Elven quality with a high forehead, braids and falling hair on both sides of the face. Accessories are delicately finished with a Geisha pin from Miriel (Can you believe they're only 15-30L?. That's like a USD dime.) and MUSE black pearl drop earrings. The heavy floral boots are from Shiny Things, to add a masculine touch to this feminine look. The beautiful sculpty cloack is from the talented Siyu Suen of Illusions.

All hair (Except Jake from Frangipani) s from ETD, All Skin is Entice David from NORA, All Eyes are Purple Eyes from Fashionably Dead (I roll like that) and all poses are from Reel Expression (formerly Reel Movement)

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Vasean said...

Nice post Lucas !

I'm also reading and loving Wraeththu trilogy. My great friend Saeya suggested Wraeththu to me. I'm so glad that she did, I haven't been able to put the books down! lol