Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lucas Lameth's lovely boy lookbook
fashion diary of a second life jeweler & fashioner

"That exquisite side lover that's usually a beautiful Mistress is instead a zealot boy.
If you break his heart he'll pierce your skull."

Well, ever since artilleri's coats have come out I have been dying to work an outfit with them. At first I bought the black one but I felt very Gothic. I couldn't really find a working colour palette for the outfit so It sits comfortably in my inventory. Today I went back and picked up the snow leopard one, too. Thinking I may pull of such a print. Sorry, Lucas Lameth, no animal prints for you! -- Alas, I donned the blood red one and it was a perfect match. I've always been a fan of deep red. Its the colour life blood, passion and all that good stuff. -- I wanted to contrast the pants with the jacket so I'm wearing Estella Chocolate Burnout Pants by Last Call Catwalk Collection, which has a feint hint of red. The boots are Comfy Boots by Shiny Things. I wish they came in a dark red colour but maybe that will take focus away from the coat, so until then, black is a sleek choice. I was excited to get Tete a Pied's new glove set. It's classy and it comes in three size variations and lots of colour choices.

My favorite find today is this beautiful hat called Cecile from Elegance Hats by Morrigan Hyun. I bumped into Celebrity Trollop earlier today at the Jewelry Expo and she was wearing it. I had to have it. Its flexi and sways dreamily. My gold brooch with a white feather is actually Caliah Lyon of MUSE's new choker although it doesn't fit my neck so today it will be my brooch (yesterday I wore it as a hairpiece). I really love her new pieces. They have an air of sophistication and quality that's rare to come by in Second Life.

My favorite find for the Jewelry Expo 2007 is Accessories by Eolande Elvehjem. She has some excellent Nouveau hair combs and other designs and I'm wearing her Peacock Hair Comb.

Extra Credits: Skin is Entice David "manliner" from NORA, Hair is Ana by ETD, Black Pearl drop earrings by MUSE, Purple Eyes by Fashionably Dead, Black Pearl Ring by Paper Couture (Jewelry Expo Limited), Python 4-inch Pistol w/animation by Tokyo Posh, Poses by Reel Expression

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